Labeling, PTI, Coding

Sound solutions for the produce industry

  • When all the other suppliers drop the ball, GLi picks it up & runs.

    Mac McCarthy, Production Manager, Roche Fruit

  • We don’t have to worry about supplies or support. GLi takes care of it.

    John Gebbers, Owner, Gebbers Fruit

  • GLi knows our company, they know our needs and meet our expectations every time.

    Verna Wisner, Materials Coordinator, Pace International

  • Anyone can sell you stock but it’s what they do after that that makes the difference. We like GLi because they take care of us.

    Cindy Fluaitt, Controller, Valley Fruit

  • GLi’s pricing is fair and their customer service is unparalleled. GLi is always the first place I look for our printing and label needs.

    Leah Dunn, Administrative Assistant, John I. Haas, Inc

GLi is a Great Team to Work With

GLi makes PTI Compliance Much Easier

LD Pro: A System You Can Understand and Use

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One-Stop Shop For Your Labeling, PTI, and Coding Needs

Labels & Tags

From the design phase to the end product arriving at your plant, we facilitate a high quality product arriving on time. We assure that you have the custom and stock labels and tags you need to meet customer mandates and keep your line up and moving.

LD Pro/Line Director

LD Pro is the next generation of our Line Director solutions, offering even more intelligence and integration. LD Pro is a system you can wrap your hands around and really use. It is an easy to use, reliable answer to PTI and other traceability requirements.

PTI Compliant

The Produce Traceability Initiative is overwhelming, it is hard to know where to start. GLi makes getting PTI compliant easier. We have your back and are by your side through the entire process of getting PTI compliant. See how we can help you be PTI compliant.


GLi provides sturdy hardware for agricultural production lines. We provide you with: case coding systems, print tables, in motion scales, thermal printers, automated inline print and apply label applicators, strappers, label rewinders, label dispensers, and label slitters.
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